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Hello ALL (mommies esp..) Almost all items can NOT be re-stock. I shop for the ones that is/are to my liking and some are just too good to be left out. I might as well open and sell it to mommies (or 'daddies') out there who will definitely enjoy the items as much as I enjoyed picking it up for my kids... Some are just merely because; NOT to my kids sizes and genders.. Please, allow some time in between for me to add up new items as I will only sell things as and when I found something nice to sell. I am not an agent or any 2nd party linking to any supplier. I AM JUST A MOMMY who shops as and when desire.... WOULD LOVE TO HAVE FEEDBACKS FROM YOU REGARDING MY ITEMS. I am more than overwhelmed to welcome any comparison of similar items found at others' sites. We can both share and gain something with it. Quality is my priority and thus, BEAR with me... Lotsa LUVsssss "Bunda"

Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010


Button-front denim dress

Denim gets darling with our sweet button-front dress. Try it over a bright T and leggings.
Color: denim
online official price $24.99

Bunda BAZAAR's price RM 50

front                                                       back

pics were taken from GAP.
available ONLY in True Navy color.
2t, 3t
RM 55

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